City Chickens Coop Tour

Update: Tickets for this event are SOLD OUT! Thanks for all the interest in this event. Over 200 tickets were sold raising over $1,000 for the Community Food Bank.

Curious about what it would take to raise chickens in the city? Have a hankering for fresh local eggs in the morning? Wish you could take advantage of some of the benefits of country living right here in town?

Or maybe you just like chickens…

Join us for the City Chickens Coop Tour, a self-guided tour of backyard chicken coops around Tucson. Take a peak at backyards all over town for creative coop ideas and a chance to talk chicken with owners and other poultry enthusiasts. Plus, you’ll get a chance to see other backyard sustainability practices in place — like cisterns, desert gardens, rain water harvesting basins, solar ovens and more.

Tickets for the tour are $5. Ticket purchase gets you a map with directions to each participating home on the tour. All $5 from each ticket purchase will be donated to the Community Food Bank’s Community Foods Consignment Program.

Starting May 4th, tickets for the tour will be available at Food Conspiracy Co-op, the Tucson CSA, the Community Food Bank, and the Community Food Bank’s market stands at farmers markets around town.

Questions? Contact Torey by email or call her at 624-4821.

Interested in featuring your coop on the tour? Contact Torey.

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    • admin

      I’m afraid I don’t know of anyone who is selling goose eggs. It might be worth contacting the Tucson CSA ( and checking at local farmer’s markets. Or, if you sell goose eggs and you are reading this post, contact me at outreach[at]foodconspiracy[dot]org and I will pass your info on to Jill.


  1. Barb Nelson

    SO SORRY to read it’s sold out….YES, please have another…and maybe for two days….and congratulations on a successful first attempt…good publicity, and something good we can do for ourselves AND the community!!! that $1000 will go a LONG way at the food bank!!!

  2. admin

    I’m afraid it really is sold out. We had NO idea it would be this popular and so we didn’t even think that selling out would be a possibility. After we had sold 200 tickets, we decided that to protect the coop owners who are voluntarily opening their homes to the public, we’d better limit the number of participants for this event. Since we officially sold out, we’ve had over 100 people call or stop by for a ticket. This event has been more popular than any of us could have imagined. We’re so sorry to all the folks who wanted to go but didn’t get a ticket. If everything goes well tomorrow (and the coop owners have a good experience), we may consider organizing another chicken tour in the future.


  3. Stacy

    Hey there. This isn’t REALLY sold out, is it?
    Please increase it if you can. Our family wants to go so badly and we had no idea there would be a “sell out” level for this event. 🙁 Very sad……..

  4. Chicken Whisperer

    Chicken coop tours are a great way to see how others are keeping their backyard poultry. You can learn something new at every stop! It’s a must for anyone wanting to start their own backyard flock. To learn more about this tour and others across the country, tune in every Saturday morning at 9:00am EST for the “Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer” radio show at

  5. Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour

    I am so excited to see the coop tours popping up all over the US! We just finished putting together Austin’s First Funky Chicken Coop Tour. Turnout and feedback has been great!

    Have a great time!

    Michelle with the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour


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